About New Zealand Stone Products: Schist Stone in slab and tile formats
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About Us

As a craftsman stonemason in Queenstown, Paul Sinclair had observed the beautiful patterns within schist and determined to create products that displayed them. He carried out several years of research and development, both in New Zealand quarries and China’s stone processing factories, resulting in a production process that was commercially viable. With the introduction of an earthmoving contractor, Blair Skevington, the partnership, New Zealand Stone Products Ltd, was established. The company extracts large blocks from Otago schist bedrock, ships them to China’s processing factories for the manufacture of Pacifica products.


Exclusive to our company, Pacifica products provide a permanent and fascinating snapshot of the ancient geological processes which produce the unique schist.  The distinctive aesthetic qualities of our stone offer endless opportunities for discerning designers. View our product range

New Zealand Stone Products: stack stone
New Zealand Stone Products: polished1_medium

Stack Stone

We produce high quality schist building and paving stone from Central Otago. For generations, stonemasons have used this distinctive schist in the classic stacking tradition, as an elegant and permanent cladding, and for feature walls, chimneys, fireplaces, pillars and landscaping. The natural inherent beauty of Otago schist makes it the building stone of choice for leading architects, designers and discerning house builders, aiming to create eye-catching homes and properties.


Our modern processing techniques produce a top-quality schist building stone which is valued by stonemasons for its ease of laying. The processed stack schist can easily be shipped and distributed throughout New Zealand and Australia, directly from our quarry. Complete customer satisfaction in the finished installation of our products is of utmost importance to us.  Our craftsmen stonemasons, with many years of experience in schist building installation on national and international projects, can be contracted for your project.


Experienced architects and designers favour our schist walling stone, recognising its suitability and building code compliancy for a wide range of building applications. Whether your project requires a feature fireplace, chimney, interior/exterior wall cladding, pillars and entranceways, flagstone paving or landscape walling, our Otago Schist is the ideal stonemasonry material for a permanently fabulous look.

Brief Geology of New Zealand

Our Schist stone originated as eroded granite particles from what is now Queensland Australia, when it was a part of the ancient continent Gondwanaland. These particles were carried down rivers to the ocean where they were deposited on areas of the ocean floor. These areas were sub-ducted deep into the Earth’s interior and subjected to an environment of pressure and temperature beyond our imagination. The extremes of this environment caused a chemical change to occur within the sub-ducted materials with the elements of quartz and mica being separated into the layers displayed in our stone. Moving offshore all the while with the spreading of the continental plates, the stone re-emerged as a part of New Zealand at just the right time to become the schist we know. If the material had been down in the Earth’s laboratory for much longer it would have reverted to granite.

Xiamen Stone Fair Booth

Exhibit at the 2017 Xiamen International
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